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Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan

Vic Coalition Govt Thanks Bushfire Communities

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government today acknowledged the significant community contribution towards the massive reconstruction and recovery effort since the 2009 bushfires.

Premier Ted Baillieu and Deputy Premier and Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan spoke to members of 33 Community Recovery Committees (CRCs) who had been invited to an official thank-you reception in Melbourne.

Premier Baillieu said hundreds of people had come together through their local CRCs to lead the reconstruction and recovery of 109 communities affected by the Black Saturday and Gippsland fires.

“Following the bushfires local residents rallied together to help their communities rebuild and recover despite their own grief, personal tragedy and loss of property.” Premier Baillieu said.

“The strength and courage displayed by these Victorians continues to be an inspiration to many of us and a constant reminder of the pride and spirit that is alive and well in regional Victoria.”

Mr. Ryan said CRCs had been an integral part of the recovery effort, working with all levels of government, the corporate and philanthropic sectors to plan, fund and deliver priority community recovery projects.

“Almost two and a half years on from those tragic events, the tireless efforts of many people in bushfire-affected towns and villages are clearly visible with almost 800 priority recovery projects funded and delivered.” Mr. Ryan said.

“These projects have ranged in size and complexity from community events to large-scale reconstruction works all designed to promote healing, recovery and growth.”

Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge, Minister for Sport and Recreation Hugh Delahunty, Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell and other Coalition MPs also attended the event.

“CRC members generously donated their time, resources and skills during a time of immense need to help communities recover. Each CRC member should feel enormously proud of the efforts they have made.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

“The Coalition Government will continue to stand by communities as they face the ongoing challenge of rebuilding homes and lives.”

VIC Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

VIC Deputy Premier Peter Ryan


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