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Northern Territory Minister for Indigenous Advancement Alison Anderson

Homelands Housing

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Indigenous Advancement Alison Anderson said that contrary to comments published in the media today, bush residents are not ‘being given a $5,200 Christmas present’ and to suggest that they are is both inaccurate and inflammatory.

“Housing on remote communities is often over-crowded and homelands provide an important alternative that reduces the burden on community housing.” Ms. Anderson said.

“As a result of many years of inadequate funding these houses are often in a poor state of repair and due to their remoteness, ongoing repairs and maintenance is very expensive.”

“This funding is not a ‘handout’ and Indigenous householders in remote communities are not being given $5,200 to do up their homes.” Ms. Anderson said.

The $5,200 will be provided to Outstation Service Providers to be spent on necessary repairs and maintenance where:

  • The resident does not have another government supported dwelling
  • Adult residents participate in the economy
  • Children of the household regularly attend school

“This is an equivalent amount of money to what Territory Housing currently spends on repairs and maintenance to properties in Tennant Creek each year.”

“To portray this sort of necessary government spending as a taxpayer-funded ‘thank you’ to bush voters is irresponsible and divisive.” Ms. Anderson said.


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