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Queensland Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson

Nolan Misses Bus – Again

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s breast-beating today about providing $72 Million for 125 new buses was nothing more than an old deal done between the BCC and former Premier Peter Beattie.

Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson said Labor Finance Minister Rachel Nolan had been caught out playing petty politics with public transport.

“This inept minister obviously hasn’t got a clue about the arrangement that enables the city council to build a record 500 new buses without ratepayers being saddled with the extra costs.”

“Ms. Nolan is also ignorant about the fact that Brisbane ratepayers subsidise public transport to the tune of $360.00 per rateable property this year.  The only council to make a significant contribution.”

“Her old boss Peter Beattie had an interest in working out these arrangements with former Mayor Campbell Newman while Ms. Nolan seems to stumble through her Finance Department job where nothing adds up.”

Mr. Emerson said Ms. Nolan would be far more productive focussing on cutting waste, making honest announcements and actually delivering what was promised.

He said the Bligh Government stood to collect an estimated $47 Million extra revenue from public transport fare hikes this financial year.

“That figure is expected to soar over $50 Million next financial year with another 15 % increase in public transport fares.” Mr. Emerson said.

“The State Government controls public transport fare revenue and therefore should be expected to fund new buses.”

“While Campbell Newman was Lord Mayor of Brisbane he delivered around 700 new buses in a seven- year period.” Mr. Emerson said.

“The CanDo Liberal National Party team is holding to account this tired 20 year-old Labor government which is out of touch and only acts under media and community pressure.”

“The Campbell Newman Liberal National Party team will forward plan, not just live for the moment.” Mr. Emerson said.


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