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Western Australia Minister for Health Kim Hames

Bunbury Hospital’s Four Hour Rule Solutions On Show

Victor P Taffa

Bunbury Hospital today showcased a number of potential solutions to long wait times in its emergency department (ED) as part of the State Government’s Four Hour Rule program.

Health Minister Kim Hames said the Solutions Fair focused on streamlining hospital systems and processes.

“The Four-Hour Rule has already been operating in some of our Metropolitan Hospitals for a year and the results have been remarkable. Up to 85 % of patients are being seen faster and better looked after. The end result is that our hospitals have more capacity and free beds.” Dr. Hames said.

“With hospitals like Bunbury developing innovative solutions, we are well on our way to hitting our target of having 98 % of patients arriving at EDs seen, admitted, discharged or transferred within four hours.”

“Our Four Hour Rule program has been adopted by the Federal Government in its National Health and Hospitals Network, but their plan is not due to come into effect until 2014, so here in Bunbury we are already well ahead of the rest of Australia.”

Solutions Fair was held at the St. John of God Conference Room at the South West Health Campus from noon and members of the public were welcome to attend to see potential solutions hospital staff had identified.

“Staff at the hospital has been working hard to identify problems and develop possible solutions to deliver improvements for patients.” the Minister said.

Bunbury is WA’s first regional hospital to commence the Four Hour Rule program, which began in October 2009. Several hospitals in the Metropolitan area implemented the program last year and are now in ‘solutions phase’, adopting improvements identified in the program’s early stages.

“Solutions Fairs such as today’s event at Bunbury Hospital, are a great way to recognise the excellent work that has been done so far, and focus the hospital community on the significant task of achieving our Four Hour Rule program targets.” Dr. Hames said.

“Many of the delays experienced by ED patients are the result of delays or blockages outside the ED, so we are working to improve processes throughout the hospital.”

“One potential solution being profiled at the Bunbury Hospital Solutions Fair is the streamlining of discharge processes.” the Minister said.

“The Four Hour Rule program is about unlocking the capacity to streamline processes and deliver real improvements for patients.”


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