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Victoria Shadow Minister for WorkCover Gordon Rich-Phillips

WorkSafe Bullying Inspectors-Another Brumby Con

Victor P Taffa

Premier John Brumby’s recent announcement of yearly WorkSafe inspections to combat bullying is nothing more than a feeble attempt to con Victorian families after the tragic suicide of 19 year old Brodie Panlock following her victimisation by workplace bullies.

“The Victorian WorkCover Authority was performing these random WorkSafe inspections well before the death of Brodie Panlock.” Shadow WorkCover Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips said today.

“Labor announced as far back as 2003 that ‘specially trained and designated’ WorkSafe inspectors would be looking into workplace bullying.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“John Brumby isn’t proposing anything new because these random WorkSafe inspections have been going on for years.”

“Victorians deserve more respect than John Brumby’s recycling of an old policy in an attempt to fool Victorians.”

“The Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition has repeatedly raised workplace bullying with John Brumby’s ministers in the past but they have done nothing.”

“John Brumby’s recycled announcement today is an insult to the victims of workplace bullying and another sign that his government is tired and out of touch.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.


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