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ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja

ACT Budget: Highest Taxes, Lower Services, Bigger Deficits

Victor P Taffa

ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja said today that after 11 years of government, ACT Labor will tomorrow hand down one of the worst deficits in Territory history and deliver lower services, despite taxing Canberrans more than ever before.

Mr Seselja said Canberrans have been slugged with massive cost of living pressures under ACT Labor, and have received some of the worst basic services in return.

“Tomorrow’s Budget will very much be a report card on ACT Labor’s 11 years of financial mismanagement.” Mr. Seselja said today.

“This is the highest taxing government in Territory history, delivering some of the worst services in Territory history.”

“Under ACT Labor, water costs have tripled, electricity is up 85 %, with another 17 % increase to come, and rates have doubled in many suburbs.”

“The health system has gone from one of the best in the country to the worst in the country worse than New South Wales with the longest elective surgery and emergency department waiting times in the country.” Mr. Seselja said

“ACT Labor has thrown away hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars because they can’t manage infrastructure projects.”

“ACT Labor’s ticking every box for financial mismanagement higher taxes, worse services and bigger deficits and it’s Canberrans who are paying for it.” Mr. Seselja said.


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