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Victoria Shadow Minister for Gaming Michael O’Brien

Footy Clubs Blow The Whistle On Brumby’s Fire Sale Pokie Giveaway

Victor P Taffa

The scale of Victoria Premier John Brumby’s fire sale gaming machine giveaway has been revealed by the budget figures of Australian Football League clubs participating in the auction process.

As reported in The Age, Melbourne FC had allocated $4 Million to purchase 92 machines but ultimately paid just $370,000 for the entitlements it secured.

It was also reported that Hawthorn FC paid $5,500 for some 100 machines for which it considered bidding $110,000 each and that Carlton FC also paid the reserve price for at least 260 entitlements.




Essendon FC CEO Ian Robson admitted that ‘the machines we were after…were bought at a lower level than expected’.

“AFL clubs have blown the whistle on the extent of John Brumby’s fire sale pokies giveaway.” Shadow Minister for Gaming Michael O’Brien said today.

“These footy clubs have enjoyed a huge windfall due to the Brumby Government’s financial incompetence and mismanagement of the auction of gaming entitlements.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“Victorians love their footy, but most would agree that funding for Hospitals, Police, Schools and Public Transport is more important than giving away cheap pokies to AFL clubs.”

“John Brumby and his incompetent Minister for Gaming Tony Robinson need to explain to Victorians why they have cost the community over $1 Billion by bungling the allocation of lucrative ten-year gaming entitlements.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“The Minister made a mess of the introduction of Intralot to Victorian lotteries, failed in liquor licensing and has now bungled the gaming machine licensing process.”

“Victorians are paying an incredibly high price for the Brumby Government’s incompetence.” Mr. O’Brien said.


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