Bryan Green Must Go

Bryan Green Must Go

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Bryan Green Caught Misleading…Again!

Victor P Taffa

Forestry Minister Bryan Green must resign after again being caught red-handed misleading the Tasmanian people, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said.

“In July, Bryan Green told a public forum that he was committed to providing the forestry industry with 155,000 cubic metres of high quality sawlog per year.”

“Yet today it has been revealed in the Examiner that Minister Green has reneged on that commitment and through his own sawlog buyback is deliberately aiming to drop volumes of high quality sawlog down to 125,000 cubic metres. Such a volume would turn Tasmania’s forest industry into a cottage industry.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“The proposed 185,000 cubic metres per year of peeler log for Ta Ann is also well below the levels which were supposedly “guaranteed” in the IGA.”

“Bryan Green simply cannot be trusted. Nothing he says can be believed, and he has lost the confidence of not just the forestry industry, but also the broader community. Bryan Green must resign, and the Premier must abandon the disastrous forest deal and call an election.” Mr. Hodgman said.