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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom

Labor And The Greens Caught Fudging The Figures On Hydro

Victor P Taffa

In Parliament today the wafer-thin Labor-Green budget surplus was exposed as being dependent on a Julia Gillard win and a doubling of the carbon price, and fudging the impact of the Hydro taking on the Tamar Valley Power Station, Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom said.

“Blindly attacking the Liberals doesn’t hide the fact that the Labor-Green budget is a shambles. This morning in Parliament, Energy Minister Bryan Green was hedging his bets on who would be responsible for the Tamar Valley Power Station’s debt.”

“While the transfer of the power station asset to Hydro is mentioned in the budget, there is no mention of what happens to the debt. To the contrary, Mr. Green told the Parliament that this matter was yet to be decided. The Labor-Green budget is built on fudged figures, half-truths and dodgy sleight-of-hand.” Mr. Groom said.

The fact of the matter is that the Greens are in doubt as to what should happen to the Tamar Valley Power Station Debt because they do not support Hydro Power and believe that all Tasmanians should live in caves lit by candles.


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