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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health and Human Services Brett Whiteley

Tasmanian Jobs To Go, Hospitals To Close Under The Rudd/Bartlett Health Proposal

Victor P Taffa

Hundreds of Tasmanian jobs will be lost and rural and regional hospitals will close under the Rudd/Bartlett health proposal, Shadow Minister for Health Brett Whiteley said today.

While we have not had the courtesy of being provided with a briefing on the proposal by the Prime Minister, the following facts seem clear:

1. By transferring health administration from Tasmania, it appears that not a single extra cent will be provided to the Tasmanian health system;

2. By transferring health administration from Tasmania to Canberra, hundreds of hard-working Tasmanian public service employees will lose their jobs – or will have to move to Canberra;


3. Rural and regional hospitals across Tasmania could be made financially unviable as a result of shifting funding to a per-procedure basis, instead of the current block funding.

4. This means that hospitals such as Beaconsfield, Rosebery, Campbell Town, and Scottsdale could all close under the Rudd/Bartlett health proposal.

“Premier Bartlett needs to explain why he has so willingly supported Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s health proposal, which will cost Tasmanian jobs and result in Tasmania hospitals closing.”

Why is David Bartlett, unlike Victorian Labor Premier John Brumby, once again unwilling to stand up to Canberra and put the interests of Tasmanians first?” Mr. Whiteley asked.

“In contrast, a majority Hodgman Liberal Government will always put Tasmania’s interests first. On health, we have a plan which will deliver the real change we need by cutting waiting lists and delivering more services, closer to home.” Mr. Whiteley said.

The question for Prime Minister Rudd is whether or not the health financial reforms are a smokescreen in order to abolition State Government’s?

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