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Victoria Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events Louise Asher

Labor’s Budget-Tiny Promise On Melbourne Exhibition Centre Expansion

Victor P Taffa

Yesterday’s funding announcement for land acquisition for the expansion of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (also known as Jeff’s shed) should have been made years ago and the expansion should be complete already according to Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events Louise Asher.

Ms. Asher said the Brumby Government’s announcement has not provided any concrete details.

There is no information on when the works will commence or when the project will be completed, and no detail has been provided on the costs for delivering the project.




The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust Chairperson Bob Annells have been requesting the Centre’s expansion to enable it to remain competitive in the exhibition industry for the past nine years.

Tourism lobby groups have also been calling for this much-needed expansion.

“The Brumby Government has chosen to largely ignore pleas until this year which is coincidentally an election year.” Ms. Asher said.

The Victorian Events Industry Council has estimated that the Exhibition Centre expansion could generate $150 Million p.a. for the Victorian economy.

“By delaying the project, the Victorian Government has cost the economy $150 million p.a.” Ms. Asher said.


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