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Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

ICAC Inspector Appointed

Victor P Taffa

In a major stepping stone in the commencement of the Northern Territory’s first ever Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Mr. Bruce McClintock SC has been appointed by the Administrator to the position of the ICAC Inspector for the Northern Territory.

“Territorians want and deserve a Government they can trust one which always puts the public interest ahead of private interests.” Chief Minister Michael Gunner said.

“ICAC Inspector is a key appointment for the establishment of the ICAC, which was a key election commitment.”


Bruce McClintock SC

Mr. McClintock is an experienced senior counsel with broad experience in investigations and commissions of inquiry, practiced extensively in the areas of commercial law, equity and media law, trade practices law and planning and environment law.

He has a particular interest in anti-corruption and integrity bodies, their structure and functions, and has written and co-written two key reports relating to the New South Wales ICAC and the legislation under which it operates, including the 2015 report on which recent legislative amendments were based.

Mr. McClintock is also the Inspector for the New South Wales ICAC, and he will undertake both roles concurrently.

Inspector’s functions include:

  • Evaluating and reporting on the ICAC’s performance
  • Receiving and dealing with complaints about the ICAC or members of the ICAC’s staff
  • Making recommendations to the ICAC or public bodies regarding practices or procedures.

Inspector is a completely independent statutory appointment, and is not subject to direction by any person in the way he performs his functions.

Mr. McClintock has been appointed for a period of 5 years, commencing on 28 September 2018.


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