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Victor P Taffa

Newcastle has a Long and Proud Railway Heritage and as with all pieces of vital Public Infrastructure requires improvement and Upgrading.

For too long Newcastle and the Railways has been neglected.

Under threat of Line Closure then NSW Premier Neville Wran in 1984 backed the future of the Newcastle Railway Line with Electrification.

One would have thought the campaign to close the Line would have gone away.

Undeterred the ‘Visionaries’ of Newcastle continued on with the need to close the Railway Line.

These ‘Visionaries’ were even successful in ousting a duly Elected State Member of Parliament namely Bryce Gaudry MP.

Where do these ‘Visionaries’ stand when it comes to Railway Expansion or Electrification from Newcastle to Maitland?

Without doubt Electrification from Newcastle to Maitland is long overdue.

New South Wales Railways require Electrification and this would result in the need for a new Power Station. This would increase the base power load capacity into the future. Some people argue against coal-fired Power Stations however until another cheaper source is found in New South Wales sense must prevail and a new Power Station should not be put off from being constructed.

If Government’s were seriously concerned about how bad the Coal Industry is for the Environment  then Regulation rather than a Carbon Tax would have been more beneficial to both the Coal Industry and the Environment.

Are these ‘Visionaries’ People who would gladly expect that Retail Shoppers would want to come to a new Shopping Centre if the most effective mode of Transport was removed namely the Railway?

Newcastle Railway Line Moves People

Newcastle Railway Line Moves People








These same ‘Visionaries’ are happy for longstanding Retail Giant David Jones to be forced to leave Newcastle.

At what cost in relative terms would Electrification really be when Population Pressures are already impacting on Newcastle?

During 2009 someone told me that the train from Newcastle to Sydney was 15 Minutes slower than 50 years ago. Where are these ‘Visionaries’ when you need them?

The scenic Central Coast Line has windy bends and in order to provide a faster, straighter, Electrified Railway service to Sydney a route via Maitland and Cessnock and connected with the Northern Line at Berowra will enable future growth to occur while providing an alternative to the F3.

The F3 has been widened however it only takes one mishap for the F3 to come to a standstill as has occurred recently.

The CESSNOCK LINE that appears on is a serious Transport Option for the area.

Some people would prefer that Trains in Newcastle were not stabled where they are at present.

Sydney has new Railway Stabling Facilities at Macdonaldtown, Hornsby and Gosford to name but a few.

Excess land at Broadmeadow would allow Trains to Stable in an area off the existing Newcastle Line.

Transport in Newcastle as in Sydney is OUR greatest challenge and providing new Railway Lines is what we elect Government’s to do.

When an inland Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne Railway has been known about for decades $20 Billion should go towards digging dirt and laying track rather than a compiling another study.

Governments have put off building new Railway Lines for too long and to continue along this path of decades of inaction is something we can ill afford to go on doing.


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