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Sir Winston Churchill Painted During His Years In The Political Wilderness

Victor P Taffa

British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill led his country to victory during World War II.

Sir Winston Churchill served as British Prime Minister between 1940-45 and 1951-55.

However, in his years spent in political wilderness he painted and kept his ‘Black Dog’ at bay.

Sir Winston Churchill suffered from mental illness over many years.

Sir Winston Churchill was an amateur artist and took great pleasure in painting, especially after his resignation as First Lord of the Admiralty in 1915.

Sir Winston Churchill found a haven in art to overcome the spells of depression which some say he suffered throughout his life.

As Editor Victor P Taffa has said to many people on a number of times is if Sir Winston Churchill had been locked up in Hospital, Great Britain would have lost World War II.

Medication and Treatment of Mental Illness has advanced since the days of Sir Winston Churchill however there is a long way to go.

Doctors are only aware of about 4% of the Brains Capacity.

Biggest problem is the stigma attached to Mental Illness.

When a person has a Broken Arm or Leg people can see and accept what that person has. People with a Broken Arm or Leg are not placed on a Community Treatment Order or face a ‘Kangaroo Court’ to get out of a Mental Hospital.


New South Wales Mental Health Funding

  • New South Wales Mental Health should have 25% of the overall health budget.
  • This should include all funding for Drug and Alcohol.
  • Funding is currently about 2%.
  • By including 100% of Drug and Alcohol Funding Mental Health Funding will benefit and overall funding will increase.

Only times in Editor Victor P Taffa’s life that Mental Health has been questioned has all coincided with a Metro Rail project starting with the Rozelle Metro Plan and now extending to the North West Metro Plan.

For someone who loves trains and has so much knowledge of trains it is insulting to say the least from foolish people in the state of New South Wales.

There is no shame in Mental Illness. Rather it is lack of funding that is the shame and disgrace.


Sir Winston Churchill Political Offices Held:

Parliament of the United Kingdom

Party Political Offices

Leader of the Conservative Party 1940-1955

Political Offices

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1951-1955

Minister of Defence 1951-1952

Leader of the Opposition 1945-1951

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1940-1945

Minister of Defence 1940-1945

Leader of the House of Commons 1940-1942

First Lord of the Admiralty 1939-1940

Chancellor of the Exchequer 1924-1929

Secretary of State for the Colonies 1921-1922

Secretary of State for War 1919-1921

Secretary of State for Air 1919-1921

Minister of Munitions 1917-1919

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1915

First Lord of the Admiralty 1911-1915

Home Secretary 1910-1911

President of the Board of Trade 1908-1910

Undersecretary of State for the Colonies 1905-1908


Parliamentary Seats Held In The House of Commons

Father of the House 1959-1964

Member of Parliament for Woodford 1945-1964

Member of Parliament for Epping 1924-1945

Member of Parliament for Dundee 1908-1922

Member of Parliament for Manchester North West 1906-1908

Member of Parliament for Oldham 1900-1906


Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

Died: 24 January 1965

Born: 30 November 1874


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