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Northern Territory Minister for Health Natasha Fyles

First Ever Territory Breast Cancer Research Trial To Be Run At RDH

Victor P Taffa

Royal Darwin Hospital is participating in a research program for new and improved breast cancer treatments in partnership with Breast Cancer Trials, the first research project of its kind for the Northern Territory.

“This is a significant vote of confidence in the incredible work Territory doctors and nurses do, particularly those working with terminally ill patients.” Minister for Health Natasha Fyles said.

“Territory Government funded and built the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre and continues to invest in our health system because we believe all Territorians deserve access to high quality health care.”

As part of the project, Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH) will be involved in the Australian CAPTURE clinical trial which will test whether a drug call Alpelisib is effective in treating advanced breast cancer.

Royal Darwin Hospital is one of 20 institutions participating in the trial which will screen 400 patients from across Australia.

Up to 140 people will be enrolled in the treatment phase of the trial including 6-8 people from the Northern Territory.

Trial is open to women and men who have advanced breast cancer that meets certain criteria or has had breast cancer come back or spread after treatment.

Patients who attend the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre at Royal Darwin Hospital with advanced breast cancer who meet the criteria for the study will be invited to participate.

Since July 2019 there has been 85 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients at Royal Darwin Hospital including metastatic breast cancer.

Screening has commenced to identify suitable Northern Territory based candidates.


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