Boondooma Dam Spillway To Be Reinstated And Repaired

Boondooma Dam Spillway To Be Reinstated And Repaired

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt

Palaszczuk Government Commits Funds And Jobs To Fix Dam Spillway

Victor P Taffa

Queensland Government-owned SunWater Limited has committed $50.5 Million to reinstate and repair the Boondooma Dam spillway.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the work will support around 120 full-time jobs for the region during construction.

“These works are essential to ensure the ongoing supply of water needed to power the Tarong Power Station.” Treasurer Pitt said.

“Restoring Boondooma Dam is also critical to ensure a secure supply for its many irrigation, agricultural and domestic customers.”

“The project will include stabilising the dam wall, constructing a new erosion control structure, additional defensive anchors and wall protection.”

“Onsite works are expected to commence in late 2016 during the wet season and be delivered by the end of 2017.”

Boondooma Dam is located on the Boyne River in Queensland’s South Burnett Region.

Built in 1982, the dam has a capacity of more than 204,200 ML and supplies between 50 Million and 80 Million litres of water to Tarong Power Station every day.

Of the dam’s yield capacity, three quarters is allocated to the power station, and the remainder is for irrigation customers downstream of the junction with the Burnett River at Munduberra.

SunWater is the largest owner of water supply infrastructure in Queensland and is a significant contributor to the rural, industrial, energy, mining and urban development of the state.