Bligh Govt Wastes $100 Million In Coal Project

Bligh Govt Wastes $100 Million In Coal Project

Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Bligh’s ZeroGen Bungle Wastes Another $100 Million

Victor P Taffa

The LNP today called for an inquiry into the failure of the ZeroGen Clean Coal Project which has wasted another $100 Million of Queensland Taxpayers’ Dollars.

Leader of the Opposition and LNP John-Paul Langbroek said the Premier’s decision to give away the state-owned company ZeroGen and scrap its planned $4.3 Billion Clean Coal Power Station in central Queensland was another example of poor planning and wasted dollars.

ZeroGen will be handed to an industry body, the Australian Coal Association, with state taxpayers’ investment written off.

“This is just another costly bungle by this long-term Labor Government.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“This project was supposed to make Queensland the world leader in clean coal technology.”

“Instead we have seen $100 Million wasted on ZeroGen, including $40 Million spent after the Government was advised to withdraw from the project by a review which described the venture as ‘speculative’.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“This Government continues to throw away hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funds while pushing the cost of this waste back onto Queenslanders already struggling with the rising cost of living.”

“This $100 Million loss on ZeroGen follows the $209 Million to fix the Queensland Health payroll disaster, the wasted $265 Million on the aborted Traveston Dam and the mothballed $1.2 Billion Tugan Desalination Plant.”

“We cannot afford yet another Bligh Labor Blunder.” Mr. Langbroek said.