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Black Diamond AFL Season 2010

Newcastle City Blues Vs Lake Macquarie Crows 7 pm 20 July 2010

Killarney Vale Bombers Vs Cardiff Hawks 7 pm 27 July 2010

Gosford Tigers Vs Cardiff Hawks 2 pm 31 July 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Despite the postponed and cancelled games this season the competition has to go on.

Already the league has altered the method of determining the ladder to one achieved by match ratio rather than by wins.

This gives teams a more honest positioning resulting from their performance.

Should the normal home and away ladder, based purely on wins over matches be used, the ladder would be particularly distorted because some teams have played a different amount of games than others due to weather and ground closures.

Time and opportunity prevents all postponed games from being played so the league has chosen to play the games first put off because the weather.  It is quite likely the remainder will be cancelled.

The only hope now is that the weather will be kind to the league and permit grounds to be usable for the remainder of the season.


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