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Victoria Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development Wendy Lovell

Minister Reminds Parents To Protect Children From UV Rays

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development Wendy Lovell today reminded Victorian parents to protect their children from dangerous sun exposure especially during the school holidays.

Visiting a children’s picnic in Collingwood, Ms. Lovell said the summer school holidays were a timely reminder for parents to be Sunsmart and ensure children wear hats and sunscreen.

The children attending a school holiday program run by the City of Yarra put on hats and sunscreen before the picnic.

“Slip, slop, slap is a message that I’m sure every Victorian parent remembers.” Ms. Lovell said.


“These SunSmart messages are more important now than ever. More than 1,800 Australians die from skin cancer every year, and as a community we must do better to reduce the incidence of this preventable disease.”

SunSmart Manager Sue Heward said staff at holiday care programs can set a great example by checking the SunSmart UV Alert to find out the specific times between which sun protection is needed in their local area.

“During these times, wearing hats, sunscreen and covering clothing are the key to playing safely outdoors. All services should ensure they have plenty of shade for children to use.” Ms. Heward said.

To find out when you need sun protection and check out the UV alert, head to or download the free SunSmart smart phone app.


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