Better Decision Making For Health

Better Decision Making For Health

Northern Territory Minister for Health David Tollner

Territory Health Undergoes Reform

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Health David Tollner today announced reform of the Northern Territory’s health system, which will see decision making powers returned to the regions and Hospitals.

“What I am announcing today is a new Service Framework for Health and Hospital Services in the Northern Territory.” Mr. Tollner said.

The key elements include:

  • The establishment of two separate Health and Hospital Services, one in the Top End and the other in Central Australia to oversee service delivery;
  • Greater decision making powers, independence and responsibility for senior clinical staff;
  • Transition over the next 18 to 24 months of a range of health services to the Health and Hospital Services in the regions which will link services and improve healthcare for everyone;
  • A smaller, more traditional Department that will be responsible for Territory-wide services, policy advice, system planning, clinical governance frameworks, service agreements, system monitoring and intergovernmental relations;

“These changes are a significant move forward from the complex, centralised structure that was the hallmark of Labor administrations over the last decade.” Mr. Tollner said.

“These resulted in a system that became disconnected from the people and communities they were intended to serve.” Mr. Tollner said.

“I look forward to building the detail around this plan so that we can achieve the very best system possible for all Territorians.”

“I will be travelling across the Territory talking to staff and key stakeholders in the coming weeks to talk more about these significant changes.” Mr. Tollner said.