Belmont Targeted For Growth

Belmont Targeted For Growth

Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

Belmont Embraces Urban Development Diversity

Victor P Taffa

  • Belmont Scheme will allow building of 13,000 new houses
  • Target double number set in State’s overall plan
  • Accords with the State Government’s Directions 2031

The State Government has given final approval of a Belmont Local Planning Scheme which will allow 13,000 new houses to be built in the area.

Planning Minister John Day said planning for population growth in urban areas and delivering diverse housing choice for Perth and Peel families were key priorities for the Government.

“The Belmont Local Planning Scheme No 15 is another significant project that reflects the level of density needed in selected locations to manage future population growth while still meeting the housing needs of families and the wider community.” Mr. Day said.


“A total of 121,000 dwellings will need to be built to cater for population growth across the Perth Metropolitan Region by 2031 and 47 % of all new residential dwellings will be within existing urban areas.”

“This translates into a target of 5,500 dwellings for the City of Belmont as identified in the draft Central Sub-regional Strategy, released in conjunction with Directions 2031.”

“I commend the City of Belmont’s strategic approach to planning with conservative estimates expecting to yield 13,000 dwellings more than double the target set at State level.”

In line with State Government policy, the new scheme clearly identifies a number of areas appropriate for higher density development, particularly those areas adjacent to transport corridors, activity centres and along the river foreshore.

The Department of Planning and Western Australian Planning Commission worked closely with the City of Belmont throughout the scheme development process. A series of community workshops were also conducted as part of developing the city’s vision for housing growth where there was a general acceptance of the need to increase residential density.

 Fact File

  • The City of Belmont comprehensively reviewed the Local Housing Strategy in place under Town Planning Scheme No 14 prior to producing Local Planning Scheme No 15