Be Prepared For Floods

Be Prepared For Floods

Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan

Preparation Key In Flood Safe Week

Victor P Taffa

Victorians are being urged to learn more about protecting themselves against the threat of floods as part of Flood Safe Week, organised by the Victorian State Emergency Service’s (SES).

Deputy Premier and Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan said Flood Safe Week, from 30 May to 5 June, was aimed to raise awareness of flood safety and the importance of preparation after a year of extreme rainfall and flooding.

“Victoria has experienced several extreme flood events in the past year and it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure Victorians know how to prepare for and respond to floods.” Mr. Ryan said.

“SES volunteers will hold events across Victoria this week to help people understand how to protect themselves, their home, and their business and I urge everyone to attend.”

The key messages during Flood Safe Week include:

  • Learn the risks for your home and/or business;
  • Prepare an emergency kit;
  • Put together a home or business emergency plan;
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers near your telephone;
  • Check your insurance policy;
  • Tune into your emergency broadcasters;
  • NEVER walk, ride or drive through floodwater driving through floodwater is the number one cause of death during floods;
  • Floodwaters are toxic. NEVER allow your child to play or swim in floodwater. This is the number one cause of death during floods for children and teenagers.

Mr. Ryan said between September 2010 and April this year there had been eight separate major flooding events and the Bureau of Meteorology issued more than 1,600 flood watches and warnings.

“Research recently conducted in some of the flood-affected areas has revealed that 31% of residents did not know their homes were prone to flooding and 35 % acknowledged they were not prepared for floods at all.” Mr. Ryan said.

“These records and statistics show that all Victorians can all benefit from what FloodSafe Week has to offer.” Mr. Ryan said.