Bayswater District 2014

Bayswater District 2014

Polling Day Saturday 29 November 2014

Victoria Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

Victoria State Election 2014: Bayswater District Candidates

7 Candidates are listed in the order in which they will appear on the Lower House ballot paper for Bayswater District.

Candidate                              Affiliation

CASS, Jeremy                         AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY ALLIANCE

SMYTH, Robert                     ANIMAL JUSTICE PARTY


DIB, Tony                               AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY

TENNANT, James                  AUSTRALIAN GREENS

VICTORIA, Heidi                 LIBERAL



Boundary Changes:

The 2012-2013 redivision of State electoral boundaries made the following changes to the boundaries of Bayswater District.

Bayswater Lost:

11,668 electors to Ferntree Gully District (Parts of Boronia, Knoxfield, Wantirna and Wantirna South)

294 electors to Forest Hill District (Part of Vermont)

4,102 electors to Ringwood District (Parts of Ringwood and Ringwood East)

Bayswater Gained:

4,311 electors from Ferntree Gully District (Part of Boronia)

5,306 electors from Kilsyth District (Part of Bayswater North)

11,256 electors from Monbulk District (Kilsyth South and The Basin. Part of Boronia.).

Upper House Region:

Eastern Metropolitan Region

 Election Results:

Two-party preferred vote, 2010 State election:

ALP:                   13,134         39.43%

Liberal:              20,178         60.57%

Estimated two-party preferred vote on 2014 boundaries:*

ALP:                 15,927            43.2%

Liberal:           20,916           56.8%

*These estimates are based on 2010 figures


Sitting Member

Heidi Victoria – Liberal

Historical Pattern

1992-2002                   Liberal

2002-2006                   ALP

2006-Present              Liberal