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Polling Day Saturday 17 March 2018

Australian Electoral Commission

Batman Voters Have Their Say

Victor P Taffa

Australian Electoral Commission has released a list of duly nominated candidates for the Batman Federal By-Election to be held on Saturday 17 March 2018.

10 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order were officially declared at 12 noon today.

10 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order

Candidate                                    Party Affiliation Or Independent

GENTLE, Yvonne                           Rise Up Australia Party

KEARNEY, Ged                               Australian Labor Party

BHATHAL, Alex                             The Greens

BAILEY, Kevin Christopher         Australian Conservatives

BURNS, Tegan                                Australian People’s Party

ROBINSON, Debbie                      Australian Liberty Alliance

VAN LIESHOUT, Teresa              Independent

WHITEHEAD, Adrian                     

MCDONALD, Mark                       Sustainable Australia

SMITH, Miranda Joyce                Animal Justice Party


2016 Federal Election Result

Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) For Batman (VIC)

Candidate                  Party                       Votes            Margin         Margin (%)

BHATHAL, Alex           The Greens              44,124             -1,853              48.97%

FEENEY, David           ALP                            45,977             1,853               51.03%


Division of Batman

First Proclaimed/Election                    1906



AEDT             Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time

ALP                Australian Labor Party


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