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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Bass Strait Band-Aid A “Hollowmen” Stunt

Victor P Taffa

The Federal Labor Government’s token offer of $20 Million is a band-aid that appears to be little more than a “Hollowmen” style political thought-bubble, according to Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding.

“Infrastructure Minister, David O’Byrne must urgently explain how the money will be spent, and guarantee it won’t be used to pork-barrel or try to plug budget black hole.”

“Minister O’Byrne should also release the Government’s submission to the Federal Government about the Bass Strait Freight Equalisation Scheme.” Mr. Hidding said.

“It’s quite clear that the Federal Government has completely rejected the submission and Tasmanians deserve to know why. This is yet another example of the Federal Labor Government not taking the Tasmanian Green-Labor Government seriously.” Mr. Hidding said.


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