Barnett Provides Assistance With Christmas Island Disaster

Barnett Provides Assistance With Christmas Island Disaster

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

Tragedy At Christmas Island

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia has offered the Commonwealth all of the State’s available assets to assist in the Rescue and Recovery Operation at Christmas Island, Premier Colin Barnett said today.

The Premier received a briefing about the incident today and the WA Coroner, who has jurisdiction in the area, has been alerted.

“While many details about this tragedy are still unconfirmed, I understand there have been a large number of fatalities and numerous injuries to those aboard the vessel, including women and children.” Premier Barnett said.

“Conditions in the ocean off Christmas Island are extremely dangerous and a rescue and recovery operation coordinated by the Commonwealth is currently under way.”

“WA Police has been in constant contact with the Australian Federal Police and all have all available State assets ready to assist.” Premier Barnett said.

“Medical Disaster Response Groups and a Disaster Victims’ identification team have all been put on Standby.”

“The Royal Flying Doctors Service has been deployed to the area and our Hospitals are also on alert to receive injured patients and we will continue to offer the highest level of assistance in the coming days.” Premier Barnett said.