Barnett Government Swept From Office

Barnett Government Swept From Office

Western Australia State Election 11 March 2017 Outcome

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia went to the polls and elected a new Government sweeping out the Barnett Liberal/National Government.

Elected in 2008 the Barnett Government has governed with Stable Stewardship as Prime Ministers and State Premiers have come and gone around Australia.

Riding on a resources boom the Barnett Government was able to keep many problems at bay. However times became tougher and voters looked at an alternative party to lead it.

Notwithstanding a Senator from Queensland gatecrashing the State Election Premier Colin Barnett always governed with dignity and commanded respect from all sides of politics.

Seats to Watch were all gained by Labor including:

  • Belmont
  • Bicton
  • Forrestfield
  • Joondalup
  • Kalamunda
  • Morley
  • Perth
  • Southern River
  • Swan Hills

Kalamunda had been held by Minister for Health John Day since 1993.

With only first Preference Count completed at this stage the likely makeup of the Parliament is as follows:

Legislative Assembly

Party                           New                Old

Liberal                           12                    31

Nationals                     5                     7

Labor                           37                    21

In Doubt                       5                      0

Total Seats             59                    59

Seats In Doubt

  • Albany
  • Baldavis
  • Jandakot
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Kimberley

Legislative Council

Overall Summary

Party                           New                Old

Liberal                           11                    17

Nationals                     5                      5

Labor                           18                    11

Greens                          1                      2

Shooters & Fishers      0                      1

In Doubt                       1                      0

Total Seats               36                      36

When the Western Australia Electoral Commission has declared all results an article will be published outlining the final result of the election and makeup of the new Parliament.