Barkly Alcohol And Drug Abuse Facilities To Improve

Barkly Alcohol And Drug Abuse Facilities To Improve

Northern Territory Minister for Health Natasha Fyles

$5 Million Extra Injection Into Tennant Creek

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government is investing in Tennant Creek by boosting local jobs and creating safer communities through a $5 Million stimulus from the capital works grants.

Minister for Health, Natasha Fyles, joined Minister McCarthy today in Tennant Creek today to announce that a purpose built resident rehabilitation and transitional outreach accommodation facility will be constructed for the Barkly Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Group (BRADAAG).

“All Territorians deserve access to high quality health services and jobs.” Minister Fyles said.

“BRADAAG provides an essential service for the community of Tennant Creek, offering culturally appropriate treatment for people at risk of harm from their problem drinking.”

“This is a signification announcement for Tennant Creek that will see the development of a new centre outside of the residential areas to provide a setting more conducive to therapy.” Minister Fyles said.

Member for Barkly and Minister for Housing, Gerry McCarthy, welcomed today’s announcement.

“I welcome this injection of stimulus into the local economy of Tennant Creek.” Minister McCarthy said.

Minister McCarthy said that this was also great news for the local public housing market, as this investment would free up local stock.

“Currently BRADAAG provides services in 20 sites in Tennant Creek, creating difficulty in moving clients through the service and workplace safety issues. Once relocated, the current properties will be freed up and 19 Territory Housing properties will become available for the Tennant Creek community.” Minister McCarthy said.

“Service will co-locate assessment, residential rehabilitation and transitional outreach on the same site, providing for a better flow through and integration of services for clients and families.”

“It will provide a minimum of 50 beds across the service with improved support and security for clients and staff.”

Purpose built Sobering Up Shelter will remain in its current site in Thompson St where it is easily accessible for walk-ins, Police and night patrol.

Assessment of suitable sites is currently underway.