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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Honesty Is The Best Alcohol Policy

Victor P Taffa

The Country Liberals agree with comments made by prominent Alice Springs Labor Party figure Vince Jeisman about the effectiveness of the Government’s Banned Drinker Register.

Speaking on ABC Radio this morning, Mr. Jeisman said the BDR had ‘technical problems’ and ‘there’s discussion in the community about how can people get around it if you’re a banned drinker there must always be ways and means you can still get access to alcohol’.

“Mr. Jeisman hit the nail on the head and put into words what others in the Labor Party refuse to publicly acknowledge.” Opposition Leader Terry Mills said.

“His comments cut to the failures within the Banned Drinker Register and the Government’s approach to dealing with problem drunks.”

“The BDR doesn’t work because it targets anybody that wants to buy alcohol and not the sections of community that are causing the problem.”

“The failures of the BDR are re-enforced by the Government’s refusal to release alcohol-related assault figures.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Government has invested heavily in the BDR and Territorians have a right to know if that investment is paying dividends.”

“Judging by the number of itinerants living rough in the major centres, it appears the BDR is failing.” Mr. Mills said.


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