Ballarat To Get 2 New Police Stations

Ballarat To Get 2 New Police Stations

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Coalition’s Police Plan To Make Ballarat Families Safer

Victor P Taffa

More Police Stations, Police and Patrols and Extra CCTV Coverage Under Coalition’s Ballarat Community Safety Plan

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will fix Ballarat’s Police shortages and make local families safer with a major new investment in Police resources, Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu announced today.

Launching the Coalition’s Ballarat Community Safety Plan, Mr. Baillieu said the Coalition’s plan will provide funding for two new Police Stations, two extra divisional patrol vans and more CCTV surveillance in the CBD.

The Coalition’s investment in 1,700 more Police will also enable Police command to Station up to 100 more Officers in Ballarat to boost Frontline Police Presence.


“Ballarat Police do a great job with the limited resources provided to them after 11 years of Labor failure on law and order.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Premier John Brumby has refused to invest in Police and Proper Facilities, leaving Ballarat Families exposed to record levels of violence.

“A Coalition Government will provide the funding to Victoria Police to fix this problem and build a safer future for Ballarat by investing in new Police Stations, extra officers and extra divisional vans to patrol the city.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Ballarat is less safe after 11 years of Labor, with violent crime increasing 51.2 % and assaults jumping 87.3 % since 2000.

Ballarat – Crime Data
2000-01 2009-10 % Change



Up 87.3%

Total Violent Crime



Up 51.2%

Property Damage



Up 56.8%




Up 175.4%

While violent crime has increased under Labor, Ballarat’s Booming Population has seen the number of uniformed officers at Ballarat Police Station drop from 92 Officers per 100,000 people in 2001 to 87 in 2009.

More Police

Ballarat is Victoria’s third-largest city and its population is set to grow substantially over the next 20 years to as many as 130,000 people.

To fix the problems caused by Labor’s neglect of Policing in Ballarat, the Coalition will invest in Police resources and work with Victoria Police to build Police capacity for the future.

Ballarat is currently served by one Central Police Station including around 80 uniformed station officers, but gaps of up to 40 % in Police Rosters have seen Ballarat struggle to provide a full roster on some Friday and Saturday night shifts.

Labor has consistently ignored calls for extra Police in Ballarat despite local Police taking the unprecedented and extraordinary step of marching on the office of local Labor member Geoff Howard to demand extra officers.

Police Association modelling has identified Ballarat as requiring 98 additional Police to provide adequate protection and Police services for the community.

A Coalition Government will work with Victoria Police Command to increase Police numbers in Ballarat to provide appropriate protection and services.

Funding for extra officers for Ballarat will be provided out of the Coalition’s commitment to provide 1,700 extra Police Officers in Victoria, the largest increase in Victoria’s history.

Two New Police Stations and More Patrols

The Coalition’s Plan will provide funding for two new Police Stations in north and south Ballarat.

Residents in the fast-growing north and south of Ballarat have no direct access to the central Police Station and there are not enough officers to provide coverage for the entire city.

Police Facilities exist in Sebastopol and in North Ballarat but are not fit for use as stations because they are not set up as shopfront facilities.

The Coalition has listened to concerned residents and Police and will invest $2.5 Million to allow Victoria Police to upgrade Police facilities at Norman Street in North Ballarat and Albert Street in Sebastopol.

Under the Coalition’s plan, Victoria Police will be able to equip these two facilities as fully-functioning Police Stations.

The Coalition’s $2.5 Million investment will allow Victoria Police to reconfigure the two existing Police facilities as shopfronts to allow members of the public to enter the Stations in a safe environment.

Funding for two additional Divisional Patrol Vans will also be provided by the Coalition to enable Police to Patrol Ballarat Streets to stop crime and deter potential offenders.

Extra CCTV Surveillance

Under the Coalition’s Community Crime Prevention Program announced yesterday, a Coalition Government will invest $200,000 in additional state of the art CCTV cameras for the Ballarat CBD to fill Blackspots in security coverage.

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