Ballarat South Wastewater Treatment Plant To Be Upgraded

Ballarat South Wastewater Treatment Plant To Be Upgraded

Victoria Minister for Water Lisa Neville

Improved Wastewater Treatment For Ballarat South

Victor P Taffa

People living in Ballarat will have more efficient wastewater treatment services after the completion of a $10 Million upgrade of the Ballarat South Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“These upgrades mean better wastewater treatment services for Ballarat, and better outcomes for the environment.” Minister for Water Lisa Neville said.

“This will help meet the challenges of climate change and future population growth in Ballarat.”


Upgrade will help Central Highlands Water meet the demands of Ballarat’s growing population over the next 20 years, and build a more resilient and liveable city.

Improvements including the installation of a new clarifier will support healthier waterways through more efficient wastewater treatment.

“It’ll improve the quality of water discharge to the creek and ensure environmental standards are met to minimise public health risks as demand on the system grows.” Ms. Neville said.

A new aeration system has also been installed enabling optimum biological nutrient removal and a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by over 30 %.

Ballarat is one of the fastest growing cities in regional Victoria with its population expected to reach 139,600 people by 2031.

“Ballarat is a growing city, and these upgrades are crucial to meeting demand on water supplies into the future.” Member for Wendouree Sharon Knight said.

Andrews Government is getting on with planning for the future needs of Ballarat, putting in place the infrastructure the city needs to support more liveable communities.

“This is great news for our customers, as they’ll now have some of the most modern and efficient wastewater treatment services available.” Central Highlands Water Managing Director Paul O’Donohue said.