Ballarat Roads Project To Go Ahead

Ballarat Roads Project To Go Ahead

Committee For Ballarat CEO Doug Lloyd

Victoria Shadow Minister for Roads Terry Mulder

Warmest Welcome For Coalition Link Road And Jobs Pledge

Victor P Taffa

Committee for Ballarat has applauded the Coalition’s pledge to commit $38 Million to build Stage 1 of the Ballarat West Link Road, thereby triggering the creation of 9,200 jobs for People in Ballarat and the Region.

“This is a wonderful Promise for Ballarat and the Region.” Glen Walker, Chair of Committee’s Ballarat West Project Team and General Manager of MaxiTRANS said today.

“It will create the infrastructure that we know will produce efficient transport systems for businesses in the Ballarat West Employment Zone.”

“The Link Road is close to the Western Freeway, and eventually will connect the Ballarat’s four major highways that presently go through central Ballarat. It will be a catalyst for new business development and jobs growth, and a much safer transport option for everyone.” Mr. Walker said.

An authoritative study commissioned by City of Ballarat has shown that the construction of Stage 1 of the Link Road will add $4 B to the Regional Economy, provide $1.4 B net added value, and create 9,200 jobs in the short-medium term. The jobs are in, and associated with the Employment Zone.

This initiative will go a long way towards addressing concerns about population growth in a Region where jobs growth has been slow and unemployment high, at about 8%. Committee for Ballarat has set a visionary imperative of 10,000 jobs in 10 years to draw attention to the need for action on new jobs and bringing unemployment levels down to about 5%.

The Chair of Committee Tony Chew said “This is also an important plus for wellbeing and Social inclusion for people in Ballarat and throughout the Region. People from Ballarat and Surrounding Shires will have greatly increased employment opportunities. So too will the large numbers of people coming to Ballarat as part of our significant population growth.”

There are few better contributors to personal and family wellbeing, and social inclusion, than having a job in an efficient, innovative and sustainable business.” Mr. Chew said.

“This pledge provides great optimism for jobs growth, value-adding businesses, community wellbeing, and the future of the region. It is truly a transformational initiative and one that Committee for Ballarat warmly welcomes.”

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