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New South Wales Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird

Small Business Gives Keneally The Thumbs Down : Survey

Victor P Taffa

Despite a shift in confidence in the national economy, a survey of small and medium business has given the big thumbs down to Premier Kristina Keneally and her incompetent Labor Government, Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird said today.

The March Sensis Small Business survey release this morning shows support for State Labor Government policies have plunged 12% quarter on quarter and remain the lowest in the country. Just 3% of small businesses are supportive of Kristina Keneally’s Labor Government.

The NSW Labor Government has recorded the lowest levels of support from small businesses for 23 of the last 24 quarters, the report says.



It states: “A view among SMEs (small to medium enterprises) was there was too much bureaucracy; concerns about payroll tax; and a feeling they did not know what the NSW Government was doing were the key reasons given by SMEs for feeling the Government in New South Wales was not supportive of small business.”

“It’s time the State Labor Government got off the backs of small business and started supporting this vital sector of the NSW economy.” Mr. Baird said.

“That’s why the NSW Liberals & Nationals have been pushing for a cut of up to 20% in payroll tax to drive jobs and growth.” Mr. Baird said.

“Around two-thirds of the State’s employees work in companies that are levied payroll tax.”

“The NSW Labor Government’s incompetence has been holding this State back. For example, unemployment is above the national average and the tax take is the second highest in Australia, yet we don’t have the first class infrastructure to show it.”

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals want to harness the small business sector and unleash its potential to help turn this State around.” Mr. Baird said.


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