Baillieu/Ryan Government Will Provide Certainty And Direction For Latrobe Valley Workers

Baillieu/Ryan Government Will Provide Certainty And Direction For Latrobe Valley Workers

Victoria Shadow Minister for Regional & Rural Development Peter Ryan

Russell Northe Morwell MLA

Coalition To Invest In Long-Term Job Security For The Latrobe Valley

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will invest $5 Million to develop and implement a Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap to build long-term job security and growth, Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan said today.

Mr. Ryan joined with Member for Morwell Russell Northe in Hazelwood to announce funding through the Coalition’s $1 Billion Regional Growth Fund for the Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap.

“The Coalition’s $5 Million funding commitment will build on the $25 Million Latrobe Valley Advantage Fund to deliver a clear and achievable plan for new industry and greater investment and secure long-term employment for the Latrobe Valley.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Latrobe Valley has a highly skilled workforce that we will assist and expand by identifying more opportunities for new industry, leveraging more investment locally and investing in new technology to make local coal industries cleaner and more sustainable.”

“The roadmap will sharpen the focus of the Latrobe Valley Advantage Fund to ensure that we have a strategic approach to developing new skills, attracting new industries and developing new technologies to reduce carbon emissions.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Developing a roadmap will involve a comprehensive social – economic impact study of any future move to phase out Hazelwood Power Station so that we can have an accurate picture of the affect on local jobs, businesses, local economies as well as the cost to the consumer.”

“It will investigate new industries and investment opportunities that match local skills with potential new industry.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Latrobe Valley is a major contributor to the national economy and in government the Coalition will negotiate with the Commonwealth Government to play their part in securing the future of local jobs.”

“The roadmap will be developed in cooperation with workers, local industry, power generators, unions and the broader community.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Labor’s ad-hoc approach has failed to provide a clear plan and direction for the Latrobe Valley and it is clear that John Brumby and his Government are tired and have lost touch with the needs of the Latrobe Valley.”

Mr. Northe said Labor’s plan to shut down Hazelwood Power Station had placed enormous strain on local families because John Brumby had no real plan to protect local jobs.

“Local families need confidence that their jobs will be protected for the long term.” Mr. Northe said.

“I will fight to protect local jobs and make sure we have a clear plan to provide skilled employment opportunities in the Latrobe Valley for the future.” Mr. Northe said.

“We take a commonsense approach to the future challenges faced by energy generators using brown coal and actively plan for new industry in the Latrobe Valley that utilises the Valley’s highly skilled workforce.”

“The Coalition will also fund the research to invest in clean coal and gas fired technology to make local energy generation more sustainable.” Mr. Northe said.

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