Baillieu/Ryan Government To Support Surf Life Saving Victoria

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Support Surf Life Saving Victoria

Victoria Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan

Coalition’s $7 Million Boost For Life Saving Victoria Clubs

Victor P Taffa

Volunteer lifesavers will receive a $7 Million Boost under a Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan made the announcement at the Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club today.

Mr. Ryan said a Coalition Government would fund upgrades to Life Saving Victoria clubhouses and reduce the administrative burden on volunteers.

“Lifesaving is a fantastic tradition and one that is iconic to the Australian Way of Life.” Mr. Ryan said.



“Under a Coalition Government $6 Million will be provided to Life Saving Victoria to upgrade clubhouses that are essential to the operations of this great organisation.”

“Clubhouses are not only the base for local patrol operations of clubs across the state, they are the home for volunteers to train and learn as a group.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Unfortunately some lifesaving clubs don’t have the capacity to cope with the number of people interested in taking up lifesaving.”

“The organisation is growing at such a rapid rate of knots that some lifesaving clubs are being forced to turn away kids who want to get involved in the Nippers Program.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Coalition will boost the capacity of Life Saving Victoria by investing in these facilities and ensuring more people can take up Lifesaving.”

Mr. Ryan said the Coalition’s $7 Million Emergency Services Volunteer Support Package would also ease the administrative burden placed on Life Saving Victoria Volunteers.

“The Coalition will provide $1 Million for field-based administrators to support Life Saving Victoria volunteers and the organisation’s operations and growth.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Victoria’s volunteer-based emergency services organisations are excessively burdened by administrative requirements which are taking volunteers away from frontline duties and their families.”

“Like other volunteer-based emergency service organisations, an increasing number of lifesaving volunteers are being called on to perform administrative duties.”

“The Coalition’s $7 Million lifesaving package will give more Victorians an opportunity to learn valuable lifesaving skills and ensure more people stay safe in the water.” Mr. Ryan said.

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