Baillieu/Ryan Government To Support Manufacturing

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Support Manufacturing

Victoria Shadow Minister for Manufacturing Ryan Smith

Coalition Boosts Jobs In Geelong

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will provide $800,000 to the Geelong Manufacturing Council to boost Manufacturing jobs in the Geelong Region by creating an Industry Program in conjunction with Deakin University, Shadow Minister for Manufacturing Ryan Smith said.

“Unemployment in the Geelong Region continues to rise and John Brumby has failed to deliver a Manufacturing Strategy.” Mr. Smith said.

“This Manufacturing Industry Initiative in Partnership with Deakin University’s Geelong Campus and the Geelong Manufacturing Council will support local businesses and allow them to grow and retain staff.”

“This Program will raise awareness of the impact of changes in the industry and utilise the University’s research and its practical application to the manufacturing industry.”


“With hundreds of manufacturing jobs lost in the Geelong region under Labor, this program will help support the industry, encourage innovation and help get Geelong manufacturers back to work.” Mr. Smith said.

The most recent Federal Small Area Labour Markets data reveals that more than 5,200 residents are unemployed in the Greater Geelong Region and in Corio, where the major employer is in the Manufacturing Sector, the Unemployment Rate for the June 2010 Quarter is 9.2 %, up from 6.7 % in June 2008.

“John Brumby does not care that unemployment is rising in the region and he has done nothing to help struggling families.” Mr. Smith said.

“In consultation with the Geelong Manufacturing Council, this important partnership with Deakin University is already working to deliver solutions to industry-based problems.”

“The Coalition’s commitment to support and expand that work means more opportunities and Support for Geelong Manufacturers, to help further their inroads into Innovation and Product Development.”

“As part of the Program, students at Deakin will be working closely with the industry and applying their research capability to practical applications.”

“This will have the added benefit of promoting the manufacturing industry as a viable and Stimulating career option, retaining young people in Geelong Post-Education, and providing the skills that manufacturing so desperately needs.”

“A Baillieu Government is committed to supporting jobs in Geelong and to ensuring that the Manufacturing Industry is valued as a vital part of growing Victoria’s economy, while the Brumby Government has simply abandoned the electorate.” Mr. Smith said.

It would seem odd that for a Party that prides itself on being for the workers that the Labor Party has been Primarily Responsible for the Destruction of the Manufacturing Industry in Victoria and throughout Australia. The Demise of the Manufacturing Industry began by the Whitlam Labor Government in the 1970’s with the Comprehensive Reduction of the Tariff Structure to the Point where Australia does not have a Manufacturing Industry to speak of.

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