Baillieu/Ryan Government To Put The Local Back Into Councils

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Put The Local Back Into Councils

Victoria Shadow Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell

VIC Coalition Will Establish Local Government Advisory Panel

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will establish a Ministerial-Mayors Advisory Panel to protect the democracy of Local Councils, Shadow Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell said today.

Mrs. Powell made the announcement during a visit to the City of Greater Bendigo Council with The Nationals Candidate for Bendigo West Steven Oliver and Upper House Member for Northern Victoria Damian Drum.

“Councils have been increasingly burdened by John Brumby’s constant cost-shifting without adequate support, leaving them to fund services originally provided and funded by the Government.” Mrs. Powell said.



“The Coalition’s Ministerial-Mayors Advisory Panel will lead to greater consultation between the State Government and Local Government.”

“Under a Baillieu-Ryan Government, the impact of State Government Decisions on Metropolitan and Regional Councils will be identified and fully considered.”

Mrs. Powell said the panel would help ensure future State Government decisions did not impose further unfunded responsibilities onto Councils.

“Premier John Brumby has ridden roughshod over many Regional and Rural Councils in Victoria, placing huge strain on Local Government services such as libraries, meals on wheels and other Community services.” Mrs. Powell said.

Mrs. Powell said John Brumby had made a mockery of the intergovernmental agreement he signed in 2008, which obliged him to consult with Local Councils.

“The Premier has blatantly ignored the needs of local councils and loaded them up with state responsibilities. Ratepayers are now faced with the cruel choice of increased rates, reduced vital community services or deteriorating public infrastructure.” Mrs. Powell said.

“The Coalition has listened to the needs of councils and we will develop a partnership with Local Government to ensure councils can deliver community services and maintain Public Assets.”

“We will clarify and define the roles and responsibilities of each tier of Government and eliminate unfunded cost shifting by the state onto Local Councils.”

“Councils will have greater security in knowing that any extra services provided by them on behalf of the state will be funded appropriately.” Mrs. Powell said.

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