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Victoria Shadow Minister for Children & Early Childhood Development Wendy Lovell

Vic Dunn Liberal Candidate for Ripon

VIC Coalition Announces $6 Million Boost For Small Rural Kindergartens

Victor P Taffa

$20,000 Operational Grants for Small Rural Kindergartens under a Coalition Government

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will provide $6 Million over four years for operational grants to help small rural kindergartens, Shadow Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development Wendy Lovell said today.

Attending a fundraiser for the Willaura Kindergarten today with Liberal Candidate for Ripon Vic Dunn, Ms. Lovell said the Coalition’s Plan will enable small Rural Kindergartens to apply for Operational Grants of up to $20,000.

There are approximately 79 kindergartens in Victoria classified as small Rural and Remote.


“Under Premier John Brumby, the financial position of small Rural Kindergartens with limited enrolments has become precarious and these kindergartens struggle with a large gap between government funding and ongoing costs.” Ms. Lovell said.

“The Coalition will fix this problem by helping small rural kindergartens with a grants program to assist with administrative and operational costs.” Ms. Lovell said.

“The Coalition believes every child deserves access to a year of kindergarten before school and our funding boost will ensure early childhood services in Rural Communities are accessible and affordable.” Ms. Lovell said.

Liberal Candidate for Ripon Vic Dunn, who has lobbied for the funding, said rural families do a great job in helping to run their local kindergartens but needed more assistance.

“The Coalition’s Plan will ensure Small Kindergartens in Rural Victoria can stay open to help children get the best start in life.” Mr. Dunn said.

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