Baillieu/Ryan Government To Invest In Language Funding For Schools

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Invest In Language Funding For Schools

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Coalition To Fund Major Expansion In Languages Education

Victor P Taffa

Compulsory Languages Education in Government Schools to be introduced

Funding for Community Language Schools Increased to $190 per Student

$39.7 Million Investment Over Four Years

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will fund a major expansion of languages education in Victorian Primary and Community Language Schools.

The Coalition’s Plan will provide a big boost for Community Language Schools, which are run by incorporated not-for-profit groups to provide classes after school or on weekends for students up to year 12 to study the languages spoken at home and within their communities.


The Plan will also introduce Compulsory Languages Other Than English (LOTE) classes for every Victorian Primary School and fund 210 scholarships over the next four years for Victorian teachers to become qualified in LOTE.

Speaking at the New Century Chinese Language School in Wheelers Hill this morning, Mr. Baillieu said fluency in languages was important to build Victoria’s future.

“Languages are the key to the global village for Victorian students and an internationally competitive economy.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“The Coalition’s bold plan for expanded languages education in Victorian schools will ensure the next generation of Victorians is not left behind.”

“There are too few language teachers in Victoria to provide for even the modest demand for languages education in Victorian schools.”

“Community language schools also do a great job but need more help to give students more opportunity to expand their language skills.”

“Victoria is the multicultural capital of Australia and a Coalition Government will rebuild our competitive advantage.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Under Premier John Brumby, Languages Education in Victoria’s Government Schools is declining because of Labor’s failure to invest in qualified expert linguists and language teachers.

The Coalition’s Plan will increase the number of fluent language students in Victoria and grow the number of qualified language teachers available for Government Schools.

The Coalition’s expanded languages Education Plan includes:

• Introducing Compulsory LOTE classes for every Victorian Primary School, with a long-term plan to provide LOTE training for every Government School student from prep to year 10 by 2025;

• Investing $32.7 Million over four years in community language schools, including increasing per capita funding from $120 to $190 per Student in Tuition Fees to help students attending after-hours community language schools;

• Investing $6 Million in 210 scholarships for undergraduate and experienced teachers to become trained and qualified LOTE teachers;

• Investing $1 Million in start-up grants for schools to develop LOTE Programs;

• Securing an agreement for community language schools to utilise Government School facilities after hours.

“Labor’s failure means we cannot properly capitalise on Victoria’s Multicultural Strengths, which are an incredible source of pride and a huge benefit to Victoria.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“LOTE has real benefits for general learning and has the potential to boost Victoria’s Stagnant Literacy and Numeracy Standards.”


In 2009 there were more than 36,000 students studying 42 different languages in more than 180 community language schools in Victoria.

Enabling students to study in a targeted environment with smaller classes and access to fluent speakers means they will be able to advance their language studies to an expert level.

The $190 per Student investment by a Coalition Government will help to meet the cost of tuition, materials, books and classrooms.

Many of Victoria’s 180-plus community language schools have limited space for growth and are forced to pay increased rental to remain open at their current size.

A Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will also develop a framework agreement for community language schools to negotiate rental costs for accessing Government School facilities after hours.

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