Baillieu/Ryan Government To Introduce Green Grants Program

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Introduce Green Grants Program

Victoria Shadow Minister for Environment & Climate Change Mary Wooldridge

Coalition Funds Practical Green Community Action

Victor P Taffa

Local Communities and Environment Groups will have access to a new $20 Million Green Grants Fund under a Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Plan to support Practical Community Action on the Environment if elected this Saturday, Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change Mary Wooldridge said today.

The Coalition’s Community Green Fund will support practical local action to help the environment by assisting communities in restoring environmental black spots degraded by 11 years of Labor Neglect.

“Under Premier John Brumby, our natural environment is suffering from shameful neglect, with more than 40 % of Plants and 30 % of native animals either extinct or threatened.” Ms. Wooldridge said.



“One-third of Victoria’s major streams are in poor or very poor condition and two-thirds of Victoria’s wetlands have been lost or degraded (Source: Victorian Environmental Assessment Council report, 28 June 2010).

“The Coalition’s Plan will support the many local community organisations and volunteers working hard across Victoria to build a better environment for families.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

This initiative will be welcomed across the State as it will offer small and large-scale Grants to fund local Community Projects which improve Biodiversity, Reduce and Manage Waste and clean up our coasts and waterways. This is in contrast to what is currently offered under the Brumby Government.

The Coalition’s Community Green Fund will provide Grants to Community and Environmental Groups, Friends of Groups, Schools and Traditional Owners to fund projects that will improve Victoria’s environment, and grants will be more accessible.

Projects will be focused on a range of local community environmental priorities such as the Elimination of Feral Pests, Weed Control, Cleaning up Waterways, Revegetation, Resource Recycling and Re-use, Biodiversity Preservation and Habitat Preservation.

Grants will be scaled from $10,000 to Major Grants of up to $150,000, enabling a broad range of projects to be funded.

“A Coalition Government will provide Practical Assistance to help local communities make a Positive difference in improving, Protecting and Conserving our Environment.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

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