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Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Metro Level Crossing Blitz Under Coalition

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will fix the Problems at Eight Melbourne Level Crossings by committing an initial $379 Million in its first term to rebuilding the Intersections and eliminating Level Crossings.

The Coalition’s Plan will remove three notorious Level Crossings in Mitcham and Springvale in its first term, and start work on five more level crossings to improve traffic flows and Reduce Travel Time.

“The Coalition will fix the Problems at these notorious Level Crossings to give Melbourne families less commuting time and more Quality Time.” Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.”

“Road Congestion is costing Billions of Dollars a year and keeping Victorians from their families. Average road speeds have become slower, forcing commuters to spend longer travelling to and from work.”

“Labor’s failure on Transport and Planning has created bottlenecks, traffic gridlock, unacceptable delays and road congestion, making industry less competitive and causing immense frustration for commuters on all modes of Transport.”

“Our Plan will separate cars and trains, along with pedestrians and bikes, to free up these intersections.”

“Despite being in office for 11 years, Labor has done nothing to fix these Level Crossings, preferring to spend Money on the myki ticketing fiasco and fairy lights for the West Gate Bridge.” Mr. Baillieu said.

The Coalition’s Metropolitan Level Crossing Plan will remove Level Crossings in the Coalition’s First Term of Government at:

• Rooks Road, Mitcham and Mitcham Road, Mitcham ($180 Million)

• Springvale Road, Springvale ($140 Million)

Planning and construction will also begin to remove the following Level Crossings in the Coalition’s First Term:

• Mountain Highway and Scoresby Road, Bayswater (Project Cost $180 Million, $20 Million allocated in the First Term)

• North Road, Ormond (Project Cost $150 Million, $12 Million allocated in the First Term)

• Blackburn Road, Blackburn (Project Cost $150 Million, $12 Million allocated in the First Term)

• Main Road East and Main Road West, St. Albans (Project Cost $150 Million, $10 Million allocated in the First Term)

Planning will begin in the Coalition’s First Term to Remove the Following Level Crossings:

• Burke Road, Glen Iris (Project Cost $180 Million, $2.5 Million allocated in the First Term)

• Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena (Project Cost $150 Million, $2.5 Million allocated in the First Term)

“The Coalition will consult with local Communities and Businesses with the intention of relocating Springvale, Mitcham, Bayswater, Blackburn, Ormond, St. Albans, Gardiner and Murrumbeena Stations to a Lower Level to preserve the streetscape and minimise disruption to Local Residents and Small Businesses.”

“The New Stations will include Ramps or Subways to ensure full compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and provide full access to Victorians with a disability.” Mr. Baillieu said.

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