Baillieu/Ryan Government To Dispense With Labor Planning Chaos

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Dispense With Labor Planning Chaos

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan

More Flexibility Under Coalition’s Regional Planning Plan

Victor P Taffa

 A Baillieu Government will give Regional Councils the flexibility to alter land use within Farming Zones to Protect Prime Farmland for Agriculture while respecting the rights of landholders.

Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu announced today that as part of an overhaul of Victoria’s planning system, a Coalition Government will allow regional councils to examine and alter land use within Farming Zones.

“Victoria’s future is being damaged by Labor’s Planning Failures and Incompetence.” Mr. Baillieu said.



“Councils should have the ability to deliver a zone that best suits their Municipality’s current and future requirements.”

“The Coalition fully supports the need to protect Victoria’s Prime Agricultural Land for Agricultural purposes, but simply changing the name from Rural Zones to Farm Zones has not protected agricultural land as was originally intended.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Farm Zones should achieve the right balance of farmers’ rights and land protection to ensure that all premium farming land is identified and protected.”

“The key to any reform of Victoria’s farm zones is achieving the right balance between the need to preserve good-quality agricultural land and respecting the reasonable rights of landholders.”

“Under a Coalition Government Local Councils will be given the flexibility to review the operation of their farm zones and in particular whether the 40-ha minimum subdivision rule is appropriate across all non-township areas of their municipality.” Mr. Baillieu said.

The Coalition does not endorse Premier John Brumby’s inflexible one size fits all 40-ha approach, and will instead give councils the right to set a planning scheme that suits their own municipality’s character while ensuring that the right to farm is retained where appropriate.

The Coalition’s Regional Planning Plan also includes increasing flexibility and housing choice on the outskirts of our cities and towns especially regional cities by introducing a new Urban Interface Zone (UIZ).

The new UIZ will allow councils to establish a lower density residential buffer between farming zones and residential zoning and will encourage a diversity of development on the edges of our cities and towns.

The UIZ will allow for housing on a minimum lot size of two hectares and will be determined by local government. In addition under a Coalition Government, Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) will no longer have the power to override the planning decisions of local councils and will act as information and advisory bodies rather than referral authorities.

The Coalition will also examine the ability for councils in interface (rural/urban fringe or “peri-urban”) areas to split their municipality into urban and rural for state government funding purposes. Any such examination would include consideration of the needs of Victoria’s 48 regional and rural councils and would ensure that they would not be any worse off under such flexible arrangements.

This approach will include the establishment of a new Peri-Urban Council Unit of the Department of Planning and Community Development, designed to help peri-urban councils by:

• Assisting in long-term strategic planning and long-term structure planning of towns and future communities;

• Assisting these councils with long term population management;

• Assisting with environmental and biodiversity issues being faced in long term planning;

• Being a first port of call for these councils when interacting with the Department.

VIC Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan

VIC Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan










Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development and Leader of the Nationals Peter Ryan said a Coalition Government will also support detailed coastal mapping of our coastline in preparation for storm surges and possible increases in the sea level.

“In government, we will respect existing land rights for owners of private coastal land and where a local permit is granted, we will ensure that sustainable private development can occur, but at private risk.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Our approach will allow some development, all of which would occur fully at landowners’ liability for any loss or damage caused by future impacts.”

“All Victorians should be prepared for the impacts of climate change on our coastal regions in both Public and Private Land Areas.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Recent examples along the Victorian coast from Portland to the Ninety Mile Beach and Lakes Entrance have shown how Labor’s planning policies have hurt Victorian families.”

“If people have an existing permit and comply with all local requirements, they should be able to build upon their land at their own risk.” Mr. Ryan said.

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