Baillieu/Ryan Government To Assist The Homeless

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Assist The Homeless

Victoria Shadow Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell

Coalition’s $34.7 Million Plan To Help Young People With Housing And Jobs

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will work with the Brotherhood of St. Laurence and Hanover Welfare Services to reduce youth homelessness and increase job opportunities for young Victorians, Shadow Housing Minister Wendy Lovell said today.

The Coalition’s Plan commits $34.7 Million to invest in three purpose-built 40-unit Youth Foyer accommodation and training facilities, and pilot Work and Learning centres on five public housing sites with the Brotherhood of St. Laurence.

The first of the Coalition’s Youth Foyers will be delivered in partnership with the Brotherhood of St. Laurence and Hanover Welfare Services.




According to Hanover Welfare Services and the Brotherhood of St. Laurence, more than 10 % of Victorians aged 15 to 24 years are unemployed, and on any given night almost 4,000 are experiencing homelessness. Of the homeless young people living in Victoria, more than half are not in work, education or training.

“Homeless young Victorians deserve support from Victoria’s next government and the Coalition in government will join two great organisations to tackle youth homelessness head-on.” Ms. Lovell said.

“Investing in programs to reduce youth homelessness is an important step towards helping vulnerable young people break the cycle of recurring homelessness.”

The Youth Foyer program will provide $30.1 Million over three years to establish three purpose-built Youth Foyers in metropolitan and regional Victoria, to provide training, support and accommodation based on a mutual contract between young people and Foyer management.

About 75 % of international Youth Foyer program participants leave the program with full-time work or a place at university, and Foyers will establish links with local TAFE colleges that offer programs tailored to the needs of young people in Foyer locations.

“The Foyer model presents an affordable, secure housing option for young people, providing them with the confidence and security to seek employment and build their life skills and social networks.” Ms. Lovell said.

“The Coalition believes helping young people complete education and get a job is the best way to assist them to achieve their full potential.”

The Coalition will also pilot Work and Learning Centres on five public housing sites, in partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

“The Coalition’s Plan will provide assistance with housing to help young people get a job and participate in society, reduce disadvantage and help make Victoria a fairer place to live.” Ms. Lovell said.

“This assistance is focused on helping public housing tenants who tend to have higher levels of disabilities, poorer health, a lower standard of education and fewer employment skills.”

“Work and Learning Centres are an innovative way to put economic participation at the heart of service delivery to public housing tenants.”

“Co-locating Work and Learning Centres on public housing sites means tenants can easily access the services they need to get a job.” Ms. Lovell said.

The centres will be the first point of call for new tenants, connect tenants with training to help them find jobs, and link them with Job Services Australia providers, employers, enterprises and industry groups, training organisations and community and government support services.


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