Baillieu/Ryan Coalition Government To Slash land Release Times By 18 Months

Baillieu/Ryan Coalition Government To Slash land Release Times By 18 Months

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Coalition To Make VIC Housing More Affordable

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition will work to end Melbourne’s ever-worsening housing affordability crisis by cutting red tape and increasing land supply in growth areas if elected next month.

“The Coalition has listened to Victorians, especially young families, who are telling us that their dream of home ownership has become a nightmare under Premier John Brumby.” Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

“Under Labor, housing affordability is in crisis and it is impossible for young Victorians to own their own home because of massive planning red tape and bureaucracy and John Brumby’s failure to increase land supply in growth areas.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“If elected we will move immediately to take tough action and end Melbourne’s housing affordability crisis.”

“Our plan will improve housing affordability by making land in growth areas available for housing development when it is needed most and creating more opportunities for families to buy homes through more development opportunities in growth area markets.”


“Cutting red tape will speed up development, reduce holding costs and lower the interest bill on those costs for developers through a faster land release process.” Mr. Baillieu said.


A Baillieu Government will move swiftly to address Melbourne’s affordability crisis by:


• Reducing the time taken to bring land to market by around 18 months through abolishing Labor’s increased bureaucracy;


• Establishing a team of red tape terminators to identify and eliminate government policy and processes such as state and local government planning processes and building approval timelines that worsen housing affordability. For example, there is considerable scope for rationalising the approval processes demanded by multiple government departments and statutory authorities;


• Scrapping Labor’s expensive and complex Growth Areas Authority which is clogging the process with more bureaucracy and adding more than 18 months to the process of bringing land on stream for housing;


• Reviewing the Urban Growth Boundary in growth areas every two years, instead of every five to six years as at present, to keep boundary movements minor and to match land supply with population growth, speed up land approvals and keep land prices down;


• Increasing the number of developers involved in green fields development in growth corridors by reviewing land supply on a more regular basis;


• Defining the boundaries of Activities Areas in established areas to give residents and developers certainty on exactly where they can build;


• Auditing all government-owned land within the UGB to identify sites for future housing developments such as the VicRoads site in Kew.


“The Coalition will reawaken the aspirations of Victorian families to own their own home, a dream dashed by John Brumby’s failure and incompetence.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“All Labor has done after 11 years is add giant new bureaucracies, choke land supply to drive up house prices during massive population growth, and fail to identify the boundaries of activities areas.”



VIC Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

VIC Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy









Shadow Planning Minister Matthew Guy said the Coalition will reform the planning system to make it fairer, improve affordability and provide certainty for home buyers, councils and developers.


“Housing prices have gone through the roof because of Labor’s incompetence, denying many families the opportunity of home ownership and making Melbourne much less liveable.” Mr. Guy said.


“The Coalition will work immediately, if elected, to improve housing and restore real hope to Victorian families who want to own their own home.”