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Victoria State Election 2010


Victor P Taffa

Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu will end Labor’s soft stand on justice and sentencing in a move that marks out the Liberal/National Parties and sends a clear message to Victoria and the Brumby Government.

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will end Labor’s “prison in the home” charade by abolishing home detention, Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

“Labor’s home detention policy is part of their soft-on-crime approach that ignores proper sentencing, community protection and the views of victims.” Mr. Baillieu said

“Record numbers of criminals are being let out of prison after serving as little as two-thirds of the minimum sentence imposed by the courts.

“With ever-growing levels of violent crime and growing contempt for Police and the law by street thugs, this soft-on-crime approach is the last thing Victoria needs.

“While Labor claims the scheme is only for non-violent offenders, some offenders can be released on home detention after having committed crimes including armed robbery, aggravated burglary or intentionally or recklessly causing injury.

“Drug addicts who have repeatedly committed burglaries to support their addiction are also eligible for early release.

“Labor’s home detention by decision of the Adult Parole Board means prisoners are being released before they have even served the minimum sentence set by the court.

“This completely undermines the role of the courts and the community’s confidence that a minimum sentence means a minimum sentence.

“Even when home detention is ordered by a court, Labor’s laws require the court to go through the charade of treating home detention as though it is a prison sentence.

“A Coalition Government will completely abolish Labor’s home detention.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Figures released by the Adult Parole Board show that 425 prisoners have been released into home detention by the Board since 2004.

“Labor has been soft on crime for 10 years. It’s time to take a stand for victims of crime and ensure those who commit an offence pay for their behaviour.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Victims of crime need to have faith that the justice system will provide sentencing that fits the crime.”

Abolishing home detention will further improve Victoria’s sentencing laws alongside other reforms previously announced by the Coalition, such as the two year licensed premises ban for perpetrators of drunken violence.

Given the policy direction of the Brumby Government it would appear that there is no border protection against weak Labor Government’s in other States’.



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Working for Victoria….


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