Baillieu Saves Victoria $33.5 Million On Spin Doctors

Baillieu Saves Victoria $33.5 Million On Spin Doctors

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Coalition Delivers On Reduction In Ministerial Staff Positions

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition Government has delivered on its commitment to reduce Ministerial Staff numbers by 50 Positions.

Premier Ted Baillieu said today the Coalition Government would be a Lean Administration in contrast to the bloated Ministerial Offices that had developed under the Former Government.

“Victorians elected us to get on with the job and stop wasting taxpayers’ money.” Premier Baillieu said.

“Victorian families were struggling with household costs while Labor spent more and more on increasing ministerial staff numbers.”



“We have delivered on our commitment to reduce Labor’s empire of Ministerial Advisers by 50 Positions because Victorian families want services instead of Spin Doctors.” Premier Baillieu said.

“Our Government will save taxpayers $33.5 Million by reducing Ministerial Staff Numbers.”

Former Premier John Brumby had 200 Ministerial Staff across Portfolios.

Consistent with the Coalition’s Election Commitment, Premier Baillieu has instructed that the Ministerial Staff allocation is to be reduced by 50 Positions.