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Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Spirit Of Paris Nuit Blanche Festival To Come To Melbourne

Victor P Taffa

A Baillieu Government will build Melbourne’s reputation as Australia’s pre-eminent cosmopolitan city of artistic innovation by bringing Melburnians a festival of culture, in the spirit of the renowned Paris Nuit Blanche.

Under a Baillieu Government Melbourne will become the first city in Australia to introduce a dusk-to-dawn ‘White Night’ cultural celebration, where the city’s museums, galleries, libraries, exhibitions, theatres, dance and music venues, cinemas, and many private, historical buildings are open from sundown to daybreak.

“This once-a-year event will entice hundreds of thousands of local, interstate and international visitors, to spend the night with Melbourne and fall in love with the city again.” Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said.



Nuit Blanche has inspired major international cities such as New York to host a sleepless night where the metropolis is transformed into a moving canvas of exhibitors, theatre, performance art, dance and music down every alleyway and on every corner.

An all-night festival for Melbourne has great potential to build on the growing success of the Melbourne Open House event, and create a unique event in Melbourne of arts at all hours, for all ages in all sorts of locations.

“There is a huge demand to embrace our city’s culture and arts, as displayed by the great success of last year’s all-night Dali exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, which attracted thousands of people from every generation,” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Dancing, music, singing, live performances, and artistic displays of every medium will be on offer as visitors and families wander in the twilight, experiencing Melbourne’s world-class cultural delights.”

A Baillieu Government will co-ordinate and drive the festival in collaboration with Melbourne’s cultural and arts scene, curators of public and private buildings, institutions, agencies and local government as well as commercial sponsors, businesses and private operators.

A Baillieu Government will also provide a $50,000 Prize for the best festival event, as voted each year by audiences.

“The Nuit Blanche festival has become one of the biggest annual events in Paris, and many other great cities around the world hold similar celebrations, including Berlin, and Florence where it is known as La Notte Bianca.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“This festival will quickly become one of the premier events of the year, restoring Melbourne’s reputation as a tourist destination on the world’s major events calendar, boosting the local economy and making Melbourne Australia’s undisputed cultural and arts capital.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Nuit Blanche in Paris transforms the city’s museums, monuments, foreign culture centres, theatres, city squares, gardens and parks, administrative buildings and sport, leisure and education centres into venues for cultural activities for 24 hours every year.

Examples of events include:

  • Modern art exhibitions
  • Private and public collections on display
  • Light installations
  • Film screenings
  • Dance performances in public spaces
  • Aerial performances
  • Children’s events
  • Street performances
  • Sculpture exhibits
  • Illustration displays
  • Sound art
  • Photography
  • Multimedia events
  • Painting
  • Theatre

Festivals similar to Nuit Blanche are also held in The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Israel, and Portugal.


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