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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Alcohol Policy Peter Styles

Better Make It A Double

Victor P Taffa

The Appointment of Former Chief Minister Clare Martin to work with the Katherine Community to implement the Henderson Government’s proposed alcohol reforms is a regrettable and bewildering step back in time.

Shadow Minister for Alcohol Policy, Peter Styles, said Clare Martin was responsible for the first round of alcohol reforms that failed to reduce anti-social behaviour and now she’s been hauled in again to have another go.

“It’s double jeopardy for the people of Katherine, who have to live with some of the toughest grog restrictions in the Country.” Mr. Styles said.

“Not content with the policy failures she oversaw as Chief Minister, now Clare Martin’s been recruited as a special consultant to help implement the latest round of alcohol restrictions.”

“The Labor Government simply doesn’t get it.” Mr. Styles said.

“As the Menzies Report into the Katherine Grog Restrictions identified, banning grog has a short term effect on drinking behaviour and then habitual drunks revert to type.”

“It has no impact on the level of violent assaults with violent crime in Katherine increasing by 104% over the past five years. In 2004-05 there were 342 assaults in Katherine compared to 698 in 2009-10.” Mr. Styles said.

“I will use next week’s Parliamentary sittings to force the Government to shift its focus away from alcohol prohibition and onto rehabilitation for problem drinkers.”

“With the support of the independent members, I believe we can bring about real change in the impact public drunkenness has on the Northern Territory’s quality of life.”

“It is this reform, and not recycling a former Chief Minister, that will bring about real change.” Mr. Styles said.


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