Awards Ceremony Recognises Logan District Officers And Staff

Awards Ceremony Recognises Logan District Officers And Staff

Queensland Minister for Police Mark Ryan

Logan District Officers And Staff Recognised At Awards Ceremony

Victor P Taffa

More than 100 Queensland Police Service (QPS) officers and staff from the Logan District were today honoured for their outstanding commitment to serve the Queensland community.

Police Minister Mark Ryan and Deputy Commissioner Bob Gee congratulated those who received medals, certificates and awards at a ceremony held at the Beenleigh Police Citizens Youth Club today.

“Job of a Police officer is undoubtedly difficult and at times dangerous.” Minister Ryan said.

“It can also be thankless, so I am so pleased that I was able to join these fine officers and honour them for everything they do for Queenslanders.”

“Everyone displayed a proven range of skills that highlighted their courage and boundless dedication to their communities.”

“It is their level of dedication to duty that gives the Queensland public continued confidence in their Police service.”

“I know they will continue to work in a professional, responsive, and ethical way to ensure the safety and quality of life of the people of Queensland for years to come.”

Deputy Commissioner Gee presented the Commissioner’s Certificate of Notable Action to Inspector Tracy Dale. This award recognises QPS members for a significant act when placed in a potentially hazardous situation. Inspector Dale received this award for her actions following an incident where two armed offenders robbed a tavern at Arundel in September 2017.

Inspector Dale also received the Meritorious Service Medal, along with Senior Sergeant Michael Leafe and Ms. Allison Carroll. This award recognises members of the QPS who have provided a continued substantial contribution in a number of areas within the QPS over an extended period of time.

12 officers received the Assistant Commissioner’s Certificates (Operational) for exceeding expectations in the execution of duty in an operational field, including:

  • Constable Timothy Hendriks for his actions saving the life of a missing person attempting suicide in March 2016;
  • Constables Robert Storey and Patrick Reed for taking decisive and courageous action to remove victims from harm in challenging circumstances in April 2017;
  • 9 officers from the Homicide Investigation Unit and the Logan District Criminal Investigation Branch for their dedication to duty during the joint homicide investigation Operation Oscar Starfruit.

Minister Ryan and Deputy Commissioner Gee presented the national awards to officers, including the presentation of the National Medal and the National Police Service Medal.

National Medal recognises 15 years of diligent service by members of Australian Police forces, defence forces, and members of the ambulance and fire services. Clasps to the National Medal are awarded for a further period of 10 years’ service.

Minister Ryan presented the National Medal to 15 officers, with 6 officers awarded with the National Medal 1st Clasp for 25 years of service and Senior Constable Peter Lane received the National Medal 2nd Clasp for 35 years of service.

Member for Macalister Melissa McMahon also received her clasp for 20 years service in the QPS.

14 Police officers were presented with the National Police Service Medal which acknowledges past and future commitment to ethical and diligent service.

Queensland Police Service Medal was awarded to 33 officers and 5 staff members.

This award is approved by the Commissioner in recognition of diligent and ethical service by QPS employees after 10 years of full-time qualifying service.

A further 27 officers and 10 staff members were presented Queensland Police Service Medal Clasps, awarded upon completion of an extra 5 years of service.

Deputy Commissioner Gee presented Pauline Johnson with her 40 years’ service clasp.

1 officer was appointed as Detective and 18 officers received the District Officer’s Certificate for their commendable actions displayed in the execution of their duty.

QPS Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Award were presented to 6 officers and 2 staff members. This award recognises outstanding achievement by an individual or group in the prevention of domestic and family violence in Queensland.

Deputy Commissioner Gee said all award recipients exhibited professionalism and a strong commitment to the community.

“Recipients who received awards today are a reflection of the high calibre of QPS members.” Deputy Commissioner Gee said.

“They are a credit to the Queensland Police Service, to the community they serve, and to their family and friends.”