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Victoria Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan

Laverton Crossing Removal Takes Tally To 30

Victor P Taffa

Safety and reliability have been boosted for commuters in Melbourne’s west, thanks to the removal of another dangerous and congested level crossing along the Werribee line.

Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan today celebrated the opening of the new Aviation Road bridge months ahead of schedule, removing the Laverton level crossing the 30th crossing to go under the Andrews Government’s Level Crossing Removal Project.

“Reaching a total of 30 level crossings gone for good is exciting, but we know there is more to do and we’re not slowing down with our program to remove 75 level crossings across Melbourne.” Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said.

“Removal of this level crossing means a safer, more reliable journey for both road and rail users travelling through the Laverton area.”

Around 140 passenger and freight trains that use the line each day can now travel safely underneath the bridge, while road users will never again be left frustrated by delays where the boom gates used to be closed for more than half the two-hour morning peak.

With the crossing now gone for good, drivers will benefit from more reliable journeys to homes, local shops and the Princes Freeway. The new bridge features a pedestrian walkway and dedicated bike lanes, with a new road connection that maintains access to the local Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) base.

Former level crossing is now closed to vehicles however pedestrians will still be able to access nearby Aircraft Railway Station via the existing pedestrian crossing, which will also benefit from an upgrade as part of the final stage of works.

Other works to come include creating a new shared-use path along Maher Road and landscaping around the area.

“There has been a huge amount of work undertaken over the last year to remove this level crossing and transform the area, with more improvements to come including landscaping.” Member for Altona, Jill Hennessy said.

“I’d like to thank both the project team for their hard work to date and the community for their patience, the end result will provide benefits for the community and commuters well into the future.”

Further along the line, community consultation has recently taken place on designs to remove the level crossings at Old Geelong Road, Cherry Street and Werribee Street. Banishing these three sets of boom gates will mean there will be no level crossing on Rail lines in Wyndham, and people in this fast-growing community will be better connected. All 3 crossings will be gone in 2022.

Aviation Road level crossing is the second to go on the Werribee line, across Melbourne, 30 level crossings have been removed and 75 will be gone for good by 2025.

Railway Level Crossing Removals Allegedly Just An Inconvenience

Recently a person on another media outlet in Sydney said that removal of Railway Level Crossings in Melbourne is simply a matter of removing an inconvenience in a tone to talk down the importance of their removal.

Removal of Railway Level Crossings occurred in Sydney except for a handful many decades ago.

When Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail at 500 km/h becomes operational there will be no Railway Level Crossing along any of the routes.

According to the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety Queensland (CARRS-Q) there are approximately 70 collisions at level crossings per year in Australia.


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